Work experience


  1. YouDemo: Capturing live data from videos

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  2. Secure controllers: Requirements of S*FSM

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  3. Hardening Freshman Engineering Student Soft Skills.

    Andrea Burrows, Mike Borowczak, "Hardening Freshman Engineering Student Soft Skills.." In the proceedings of First Year Engineering Education Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education 2017, FYEE-ASEE, 2017., 2017.

  4. Blockchain Based Election Infrastructures

    Rafer Cooley, Shaya Wolf, Mike Borowczak, "Blockchain Based Election Infrastructures." In the proceedings of 2018 ISC2 International Workshop on BLockchain Enabled Sustainable Smart Cities (BLESS 2018), 2018.

  5. EVO-SCHIRP: Evolved Secure Swarm Communications

    Shaya Wolf, Rafer Cooley, Mike Borowczak, Nick Cheney, "EVO-SCHIRP: Evolved Secure Swarm Communications." In the proceedings of 2018 International ISC2 Workshop on 5G Communication, Security and Privacy in Smart Cities, 2018.

  6. CS:Unplugged

    Shaya Wolf, Rafer Cooley, Andrea Burrows, Mike Borowczak, "CS:Unplugged." In the proceedings of Rocky Mountain Section of the American Society of Engineering Education, 2019. RMS-ASEE 2019, 2019.



Service and leadership