Computer Security 2017

Undergraduate course, University of Wyoming, Computer Science Department, 2017

Introduces the topics of computer and network security and provides a foundation to allow students to identify, analyze, and solve computer security problems.


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Student Products

  • ‘Adrian Barberis, Wyatt Emery, Danny Radosevich, Mike Borowczak, "Portable Tor Router: Easily Enabling Web Privacy for Consumers." In the proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, 2018. ICCE 2018., 2018. Details Here

Educational Research

  • ’ Mike Borowczak, Andrea Burrows, "Developing Collegiate Cybersecurity Interest through Authentic Inquiry." In the proceedings of Rocky Mountain Section of the American Society of Engineering Education, 2017. RMS-ASEE 2017, 2017.’ Details Here
  • ’ Andrea Burrows, Mike Borowczak, "Hardening Freshman Engineering Student Soft Skills.." In the proceedings of of First Year Engineering Education Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education 2017, FYEE-ASEE, 2017., 2017.’ Details Here
  • ’ Mike Borowczak, Andrea Burrows, "Enabling Advanced Topics in Computing and Engineering Through Authentic Inquiry: A Cybersecurity Case Study." In the proceedings of 2018 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, 2018.’ Details Here
  • ’ Andrea Burrows, Mike Borowczak, "Computer Science and Engineering: Utilizing Action Research and Lesson Study." Educational Action Research, 2019.’ Details Here